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Recap & Results of Self Shape 2015

May 03, 2015

The 2nd Annual Self Shape Surf Contest had a few new updates for surfers and spectators this year. First was the decision to move the contest 20 miles up the beach to Seaside Reef in the surf community of Encinitas. Another big change this year was the look and feel of the contest site from year one's clean corporate look to more of a handcrafted pallet fort. Lastly was the introduction of an Invitational Division of 12 elite surfers. Juniors Open - Self Shape 2015 opened up with 12 surfers finding plenty of peaks and workable shoulders to keep the judges busy. Defending juniors champ, Cole Houshmand, made it through a very competitive first round heat on his asymmetrical self shape with a... Continue Reading →

Interview: Cole Houshmand

April 25, 2015

  Photos by Johnathan Anderson  What was your introduction to shaping? I had a curiosity of what it’s like being a shaper and being in the room. Cole Simler (Cole Surfboards) mentored me on my first shape. I happened to go in one day and saw a blank that caught my eye. The finish shape is a 4’9 x 19 x 2.5 thick, tri-fin asymmetrical, that is built for goofy footers. Ruben helped me with do some of the resin color on it too. It was super fun. Describe your first wave like on your first self shape surfboard. If feels really good to be in the moment riding your own board, just super fun. I remember my first wave... Continue Reading →


April 23, 2015

Resin foam stains are a fun and easy way of adding resin color to your finish shaped blank. 1. Preparation: Dust off your blank and make sure there are minimal tears in the foam. Tape off the area you want to stain directly on the foam. Make sure your tape lays down on the foam smooth without wrinkles. A clean tape line will prevent resin from bleeding under your tape. Clean off your squeegee. Prepare your resin colors (warning: certain colors when mixed together turn brown). 2. Application: Whichever colors hit the foam first will stay; so make sure you pour deliberately. When you pull the resin down the board, the colors will mix. For maximum color separation, pull the squeegee only once over... Continue Reading →


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