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Artisans Of Gnar: Tony All

October 03, 2015

Our recent collaboration with, San Diego craftsman, Tony All was unveiled today. Go see our new "Early American Calipers", designed by Shaper Studios and handcrafted by Tony All (Olive Tree). "Taking pride in your craft doesn't start or stop with an end product," said Shaper Studios founder Chris Clark. "The end product is important, but an artisan will often put just as much importance on the quality and care of their tools. This is why I think it's paramount that while Shaper Studios pushes to provide the best shaping instructors and the best shaping experience on the planet, we should constantly work to perfect the tools of our trade. This will be a growing area of our business over the next year as we continue... Continue Reading →

The Art Of Shaping Vancouver

September 07, 2015

"The Art Of Shaping" Words by Roxanne Rivard TheriaultPhoto by Ravean Kretowicz I first moved to Vancouver thinking about surfing. Anyone that ever went or lived there will know that hell no, you can’t surf there. You need to pay the ferry, then the bus or your car and your gas to go to the island and surf some good swells. That’s when they are good, which is mainly during winter time. Most surfers just give up that amount of money and prefer to go spend it in Mexico instead. I understand that. The surprising thing is that most people that are surfing on the West Coast of Canada doesn’t live on the island watching patiently the waves. They live in... Continue Reading →

Kid Creature x McDonalds

August 21, 2015

Don't drive through McDonalds. Go inside and grab a Happy Meal and watch this interview with our little brother, Kid Creature. ACN (America's Community Network) is the new in-store media arm of McDonald's and they just launched a series of videos featuring rad people. You can now find Kid Creature in all McDonalds across southern California or just watch it here on our blog. Continue Reading →


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