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Checking in from Oahu!

January 11, 2016

For the last 6 weeks, Nate (our Vancouver GM, and Hawaiian native) has been down in Hawaii shaping and surfing his guts out. Here are his top tips for your next trip down to Hawaii.  1. Get A Car - If you are on O'ahu, you should definitely rent or get a car somehow. Yeah busing around is hip but waiting for days in the hot sun aint. Something with racks is preferred obvs. 2. Traffic - This is key, nothing worse than sitting in bumber to bumber when its 85 degrees out. Know when peak times are for the area you're surfing and plan around it. I stayed out west so my routine was Makaha (or the westside) in the morning and... Continue Reading →

Cold Water Shaping

December 31, 2015

  Why you need to take water temp into consideration when shaping and why volume is your new best friend in colder climates.   1. Cold water requires a wetsuit; and if the water is cold enough a pretty thick suit. This additional wetsuit weight can make paddling a workout and let's face it, most of us surf so we don't have to lift weights. Volume just became your new best friend. Suggestion: If you are shaping PU (polyurethane foam), do your best to hide up to an extra 1/4" of foam in your thickness calculation; or leave your normal thickness but shape EPS. If you are shaping EPS (expanded polystyrene foam), just add an extra 1/8" to your thickness and an... Continue Reading →

Foam & Friends - Do It Again

December 25, 2015

FOAM & FRIENDS - "DO IT AGAIN" SEASON 03 // EPISODE 00 Your friends from Shaper Studios do it again in season three, episode 00. This teaser for a third season of the web series that brought you our first two years of surf shop antics, carefree surfing, and a genuine disregard for taking life too seriously. Season 3 fast forwards a couple years to a now mature international business, with growing responsibilities and making big plans to rapidly expanding their unique business into new surf markets around the world. While season three introduces some new faces, one thing stays the same... we are all in for the same wild ride. For more Foam & Friends click here. Continue Reading →


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