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Shaper Studios staff has hand selected the following surf accessories, surf clothing, surf apparel as their favorites for on and off the beach. Maybe you'll feel the same. What are your favorites?



November 20, 2015

Kameron Brown ( has been quietly doing his thing for years on fringes of Orange County. Often living on a ranch in the hills or on the road in a Sprinter van, Kam spends his time fishing, surfing,bee-keeping and tending his homestead. To add to his well rounded skill-set, he also emits some serious positive vibes. Kam we salute you.  Directed/Shot/Edited by Evan Adamson Made possible by Howler Bros & Korduroy TV Featuring music by Brazos - "Day Glo" Continue Reading →

Shred Talks Featuring Ryan Lovelace

November 12, 2015

Welcome to our third episode of Shred Talks for your viewing pleasure. Special thanks to our guest Ryan Lovelace and our host Chris Grow for bringing a fresh perspective to this episode of Shred Talks. This completes the trilogy of our first season of Shred Talks. At Shaper Studios we committed to doing three episodes. Our first season brought three of the most relevant shapers into the spotlight for an evening of insights and revelations. From Tomo to Brink to Lovelace, we had an amazing time getting to know these guys. Be sure to follow along on instagram (#ShredTalks) and visit our Shred Talks page for a full schedule of guests. Producer: Chris Clark & Shaper Studios Editor: Phillip Mansfield Film Crew: Derrik Kapalla, Ravean Kretowicz, Robert Aguierre... Continue Reading →

Artisans Of Gnar: Tony All

October 04, 2015

Our recent collaboration with, San Diego craftsman, Tony All was unveiled today. Go see our new Early American Calipers, designed by Shaper Studios and handcrafted by Tony All (Olive Tree). Shaper Studios founder and creative director, Chris Clark, talks about the significance of this new product and the extension of this product line in the future. "Taking pride in your craft doesn't start or stop with an end product. The end product is important, but an artisan will often put just as much importance on the quality and care of their tools. This is why I think it's paramount that while Shaper Studios pushes to provide the best shaping instructors, facilities, and experience on the planet, we should constantly work to perfect the tools of our trade.... Continue Reading →


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