Epoxy Resin - SUPER SAP® Bright (1.50 Gallon Kit)


CONTAINS: 192 ounces of epoxy bio-resin. [128 ounces resin, 64 ounces hardener]

DESCRIPTION: High performance surfboard bio resin for bright white (clear) laminations over EPS (polystyrene) or PU (polyurethane) surfboard foam. The two-part epoxy system, developed by Entropy Resins, is a more sustainable alternative to existing epoxy resins with a reduction of 33% carbon footprint. Equipped with industry leading UV stability, this clear epoxy resin allows for a bright white finish with little to no dis-coloration after extended exposure to the sun. This most recent formula now features air releasing additives that allow for smooth and ultra clear hot coats.

USAGE: For ultra bright white (clear) surfboard laminations and hot coats. The same eco-formula as SUPER SAP® CLR with an optical brightener additive which turns the resin a bluish/purple tint. For color laminations please use SUPER SAP® CLR (color). 

COVERAGE: The 1.5 gallon kit contains enough epoxy resin to build 2 shortboards or 1 longboard. This includes laminations, hot coats, and fin installations.