Book your special event today with Shaper Studios. We can host you at one of our Flagship Locations or on-site at the location of your choosing. 

Corporate Partnerships

Google, Nissan, HP, RedBull, Ford, Patek Philippe, Uber

Festivals & Expos

Stay Wild Adventure Expo, Agenda Trade Show, Kaaboo, Self Shape Surf Festival, Boardroom International Surfboard Show, Mingei Museum



Q: How do I go about booking a special event for my company or brand?

A: Please reach out via email; Make sure to include a few details:

    • Company Name
    • Projected Dates & Times
    • Location - Onsite (Shaper Studios) or Offsite (Shaper Mobile)
    • Attendance - How many people are you looking to host?
    • Experience - Are you looking for something hands on or just entertainment?
    • Extras - Are you looking for custom branded surfboards, need catering, audio/visual?

Q: How much does a special event typically cost?

A: Our event pricing is based on full-day, half-day, or hourly; however we love to customize pricing when it comes to special events. In addition to our base pricing, please note additional costs associated with travel, catering extras, and any custom surfboards.

    • Full Day - $2,500
    • Half Day - $1,500
    • Hourly - $500

Q: Can you do custom branded surfboard for our special event?

A: Yes. We specialize in custom surfboards. Everything is built in our workshops and we can work with you to oversee your event timeline and control quality.

Q: What are the prices for custom branded surfboards costs?

A: Custom surfboards start at $600 each and go up from there depending on size and artwork. Pricing gets better with quantity when it comes to branded surfboards. 

Q: Would you be able to document the experience for our special event?

A: Yes. We have expert photo and video capabilities in-house to document the experience for you and your group. Please let us know if you'd like photo and/or video.

Q: What are some catering options for our special event?

A: We can arrange catering for Onsite events only. Our event space is complete with a full bar and bar staff available. We can arrange food trucks or cater a number of local restaurants. You are also welcome to bring in your own catering as long as it gets approved by our Special Event Manager.