What is a red card?

A red card is a final notification that your surfboard project at Shaper Studios has reached its expiration date.

How does a red card work?

Your surfboard will be tagged with a red card. An expiration date will be written on that card. If the project is not completed by the date written on the card your project will be terminated and your materials recycled.

How will I know if I received a red card?

You will receive both a phone call and an email from Shaper Studios staff. We will let you know that (1) you have received a red card and (2) the date your red card expires. It is your responsibility to make sure your contact information is up to date.

Why does this policy exist?

Shaper Studios strives to have premium workshop conditions for all of its members and guests. Inactive projects clutter the working environment for others making it difficult to deliver a clean, safe, and orderly workshop.