Shaper Global Membership

Welcome to the Shaper Global Membership. Our global network of members enjoy many benefits of belonging to a community of surfers who share a passion for surf culture and surf craft. For more information, please email us at
Click here to sign up.

Member Benefits

10% Back (In-Store Retail)

Surf accessories, fins, leashes, traction, boardbags, baggies, surf suits.

Test Drive Collection

This is our free surfboard demo program for members only. All Shaper locations have a collection of surfboards for members to test drive. The goal of the program is to inspire your next surfboard design. Check out any number of shapes and designs and then swap it back to try something new. (max 7 days / per board)

Annual Members Only Appreciation Celebration

A night to honor our members with food, drink, awards, and entertainment

Annual Self Shape Surf Contest

Members get priority registration for our annual Self Shape Surf Festival. Members will get the sign up link one week prior to open registration to the public.

Global Shaping Access

Our growing network of workshop locations is open for members. Much like a gym membership, members will enjoy unlimited access to shaping bays, shaping tools, and surfboard templates. Members are required to purchase surfboard materials from the location where they are using their access.