The Shaper team has been brewing surfboards for over a dozen years and now brewing something new... introducing Shaper Brewing.

Shaper Naked Noseride (IPA 5.6%) by Drew Pomeroy - the perfect surf beer brings a refreshing mix of tropical fruit notes and west coast hops.

"As surfers we are looking for a beer that is extremely drinkable and refreshing, but at the same time we wanted to stay true to our West Coast hop sensibilities," says Shaper Founder, Chris Clark. "The Naked Noseride is so balanced I'm wondering if there is a need to brew anything else in the future."

Historically, San Diego has been the epicenter of surfboard design dating back to the 1950's with the Simmons Planing Hull to the 60's with the Ekstrom Asymmetrical to the 70's with the Lis Fish... you get the idea. In 2012, Shaper carved a niche in San Diego's heavily saturated surfboard market, locating our flagship surfboard studio to the neighborhood of North Park, and finding a way to add something that was new and exciting.  

San Diego also happens to be the craft beer capital of the world and North Park is the craft beer capital of San Diego. The brewing industry here is as equally saturated as surfboards, however, Shaper is entering again to offer something new and exciting by not only bringing surfing and craft beer together under the same brand but also for the first time in craft beer, honoring the true craftsmen and women behind that delicious pint. 

Shaper tasked backyard brewer, Drew Pomeroy with crafting the modern surf beer and what a homerun!

Pomeroy hit this one out of North Park with a classic combination of California Ale yeast and light pilsen malts. He spent some extra time curating the length of the dry hop opting for a 12 day dry hop using a combination of Mosaic, Falconer's Flight, and Simcoe hops. 75% of taste comes from smell and the dry hop adds aroma without added bitterness. The tropical fruitiness of mosaic balance perfectly with the earthy pine of the simcoe. The addition of proprietary hop pellets from the Pacific Northwest called Falconer's Flight add characteristics of citrus, lemon, and grapefruit. From San Diego to Tofino this truly is the essential surf beer. 

The Homebrewer and Homebrewing Company is located about 5 doors down from Shaper Studios. We sourced all of our small batch essentials from The Homebrewer and owner, George Thornton assisted with the kegging and carbonating. George was on hand to take the first taste and he had a few words;

"A highly crushable and refreshing IPA. Tons of tropical fruit notes from some pretty sexy hops. Finished nice and dry like a classic west coast style IPA." - George Thornton

Please join us Thursday, April 13, 2017 for a sunset release tasting and meet the brewer at Shaper Studios San Diego (North Park). 4225 30th Street, San Diego, CA 92104