Stay Broke & Shoot Film - The Photography of Roly Gomez
On a recent trip up the coast, the SHAPER crew stopped at Fort Point in San Francisco to do some sliding beneath the Golden Gate Bridge. As we suited up in the cold, foggy parking lot overlooking the break we couldn't help but notice that we were the only ones there with the exception of an unassuming young guy with an old film camera hanging around his neck. After walking over and introducing ourselves, it turns out we were talking to the uber-talented Roly Gomez, originally from Florida and now living in Encinitas. We chatted about his solo trip up the coast and quickly felt like he was an old friend. As we shot photos for an upcoming campaign, he followed along and snapped a few frames of some of the more candid moments from the morning before we invited him for a beer on our next stop which happened to be at Fort Point Brewery.  We had a few beers and even more laughs before going our separate ways.  
   After looking a bit deeper into the work on his website and Instagram we realized our new friend had some serious photo skills and to top it all off, most of the imagery he creates is done on film. These days, with everyone and their mother being a photographer, it's refreshing to see someone with such a pure view on life and the ability to capture it using original techniques.  Below is a sample of his work. Enjoy.
Do yourself a favor and follow Roly on Instagram @rolythethird and check out his website for a deeper look into what he sees through the lens.
His next exhibit is:
Date: December 16th
Time: 6-10pm 
Where: Take Me Home @ 989 West Kalmia St. San Diego, CA 92101