Most Requested Template Of 2018

#1 - Squid Fish by Ryan Burch

For the second year in a row, the Squid Fish template by Ryan Burch was the most requested surfboard template at Shaper Studios in 2018. The fish has always been our most popular shape but to have the same template still thriving two year in a row is a nod to the relevance of the surfer/shaper behind the design, Ryan Burch.

There are some surfboard designs that make major break throughs in video parts. The one most engrained in my mind is the green shortboard 'Bonzer 5' ridden by Donavan Frankenreiter and Taylor Knox in Shelter (2001) by the Malloy Brothers. The design has since been dubbed 'The Shelter Model' and is currently available for custom order via Cambell Brothers website and this year was issued as a stock model on Channel Islands website.

Most recently, you could look to Peter King's Haleiwa edit of Kelly Slater on the 'Cymatic' by Slater Designs (Daniel Thomson) in early 2018; and what that did for demand of that model.

Shaper Studios most requested template for the second year in a row was the Squid Fish by Ryan Burch. The design reached immediately following Volcom's Psychic Migrations (2015) featuring Burch shaping, glassing, and surfing that iconic rainbow resin fish in well-overhead South America.

Our Squid Fish template is 5'5 x 21 based on dimensions of the original shape from Psychic Migrations. We stretched it up to 6'1 and shrunk down to 5'0. Ryan Burch is 6'2 and rides a 5'3.

In case you were wondering which template was runner up, it was the 'Go Fish' by Rob Machado.