Our recent collaboration with, San Diego craftsman, Tony All was unveiled today. Go see our new Early American Calipers, designed by Shaper Studios and handcrafted by Tony All (Olive Tree).

Shaper Studios founder and creative director, Chris Clark, talks about the significance of this new product and the extension of this product line in the future. "Taking pride in your craft doesn't start or stop with an end product. The end product is important, but an artisan will often put just as much importance on the quality and care of their tools. This is why I think it's paramount that while Shaper Studios pushes to provide the best shaping instructors, facilities, and experience on the planet, we should constantly work to perfect the tools of our trade. This will be a growing area of our business over the next year as we continue to work with Tony and other talented craftsman."

We thought we'd share a little more about Tony All with you so that you know more about who and where our products come from.

SS: Why did you start making shaping tools?

TA: Many of the specialized shaping tools are only available from China, and others can't be found at all. I want to provide locally hand made tools with an emphasis on quality and functional design.  We shouldn't have to rely on China for our tools.  

SS: You must shape, or have a passion for shaping to be making these tools. What is your connection to shaping?

TA: I've been around people building boards my whole life.  My uncle built boards in the 80's, and my older brother built boards in the 90's. I grew up sanding and doing ding repair. I think I shaped my first board around 15 years old. I think every surfer should build their own board at least once. It makes you a better surfer, and there's no better feeling than riding a board you made yourself.  

SS: How would you describe your approach to your craft?

TA: Patience and focus. Making anything by hand takes time. You can't rush things or quality suffers.  

SS: Where does the name Olive Tree come from?

TA: The Olive Tree is sort of my family crest. It represents my heritage and ties into the woodworking aspect.  

SS: What's next for you?

TA: Expanding the line of tools, getting in to some other catagories in the future, and keeping everything locally hand made.