"The Art Of Shaping"
Words by Roxanne Rivard Theriault
Photo by Ravean Kretowicz

I first moved to Vancouver thinking about surfing. Anyone that ever went or lived there will know that hell no, you can’t surf there. You need to pay the ferry, then the bus or your car and your gas to go to the island and surf some good swells. That’s when they are good, which is mainly during winter time. Most surfers just give up that amount of money and prefer to go spend it in Mexico instead. I understand that. The surprising thing is that most people that are surfing on the West Coast of Canada doesn’t live on the island watching patiently the waves. They live in the city. Walk around the buildings while thinking about some salty ocean somewhere. Thinking about their next vacation. Once they are done wandering around and start feeling homesick for a place they never knew, they go to Shapers Studio. As the founder/shaper of Shaper Studios Vancouver told us, ‘’We also call that place the community center of surfing, you know, there are a lot of surfers that just come here and hang out. They plan a surf trip so we talk about surfing and drink beers!’’

I know. You found your home.

During our last trip in the city, we stopped by the shop to talk with Nate Batara about how Learning Curves changed his name in Shaper Studios Vancouver and to know a little bit more about learning to shape a board. You will see, we talk a lot about beers. Maybe you should wait until tonight before reading the article, you know, just to avoid the temptation.

Full interview with Nate Batara