Recap & Results of Self Shape 2015

The 2nd Annual Self Shape Surf Contest had a few new updates for surfers and spectators this year. First was the decision to move the contest 20 miles up the beach to Seaside Reef in the surf community of Encinitas. Another big change this year was the look and feel of the contest site from year one's clean corporate look to more of a handcrafted pallet fort. Lastly was the introduction of an Invitational Division of 12 elite surfers.

Juniors Open - Self Shape 2015 opened up with 12 surfers finding plenty of peaks and workable shoulders to keep the judges busy. Defending juniors champ, Cole Houshmand, made it through a very competitive first round heat on his asymmetrical self shape with a series of huge frontside hacks and held onto his title in the Juniors Final with the highest scoring wave of the day.

The local North County juniors put on a clinic and kept the competition close throughout the day. Orion Lehrmann linked a series of wrapping cutbacks that grabbed the attention of Donald Brink. "Orion's surfing really caught my eye," said Donald. "The way his board was working out there, I had to go over and chat with him about his equipment."

Regular-foot local, Larson Schlachter, who shapes at Shaper Studios San Diego, found his groove on the inside racetrack rights landing a crowd moving air-reverse out into the flats. Koby Gilcrest, executed a Self Shape first by doing a mid heat board switch, trading in his longboard noserider for mid

Mens Open - Our largest division took to the lineup, working through 9 heats of 54 surfers. The Men's Open saw the most diverse collection of self shape surf craft; single fins, twins, bonzers, noseriders, finless craft (Chad Richmond, Tim Hurley), asymmetrical (Matt Reuther, Ryan McGinnis, Garrett Cleary, Jim Cleary), and even hand plane artist (Moe). Due to the Self Shape being a one day event, only 18 surfers would move on to the Semi Finals. Father-Son duo Jim & Garrett Cleary returned for the second year and. 

Womens Open - The ladies division got the attention of the competitors and spectators alike with 2x World Champion, Jen Smith, just ripping her way through the semi-finals as well as the final. This was Jen's first Self Shape contest but definitely no stranger to surf competitions. She rode both her first shape (5'0 quad fin) and her third shape (9'1 noserider) to her first Golden Planer trophy.

Invitational - This was our first year hosting an invite only division of elite surfers. Vissla sent out the invite to their ultra talented team of 'creators and innovators.' Returners Derrick Disney and last year's champ Lucas Dirkse, along with new-commers Cam Richards, Andrew Jacobson, and Corey Colapinto. Shaper Studios invited their team of 'artisans of gnar' - Calvin "Kid Creature" Saxton, from Newport Beach, defending Self Shape champ John Wesley, Boston transplant and professional surfboard builder Michael Emery, and Shaper Studios team free-surfer Ryan Miller. We asked Jen Smith to also surf in the Self Shape Invitational and we were blown away when she won her first round battle up against Disney, Dirkse, Richards, Saxton, and more. In the end, it was Colapinto that could not be beat to take home his first Golden Planer. 

Juniors Open Finals
1. Cole Houshmand
2. Orion Lehrmann
2. Koby Gilcrest
4. Trey Lockhart
4. Larson Schlachter
6. Tyson Lockhart

Womens Open Finals 
1. Jen Smith 
2. Mia Bolton 
3. Laura Thatcher 
4. Hallie Jacobs 
5. Alisha Miles

Mens Open Finals 
1. Adam Burns
2. Rob McCarty 
3. John McKusick 
4. Corban Campbell 
5. Garrett Cleary 
6. Justin Wilson

Invitational Finals 
1. Corey Colapinto 14.75
2. Lucas Dirkse 14.25
3. Andrew Jacobson 13.5
4. Ryan Miller 12.25
5. Jen Smith 12.0
6. Derrick Disney 11.75