Resin foam stains are a fun and easy way of adding resin color to your finish shaped blank.

1. Preparation: Dust off your blank and make sure there are minimal tears in the foam. Tape off the area you want to stain directly on the foam. Make sure your tape lays down on the foam smooth without wrinkles. A clean tape line will prevent resin from bleeding under your tape. Clean off your squeegee. Prepare your resin colors (warning: certain colors when mixed together turn brown).

2. Application: Whichever colors hit the foam first will stay; so make sure you pour deliberately. When you pull the resin down the board, the colors will mix. For maximum color separation, pull the squeegee only once over the surface of your blank or use a different squeegee for each color. Make sure to pull all of the resin off the blank leaving no resin behind, you're simply staining the foam not adding a layer of resin. 

3. CompletionWhen resin is fully dry, peel the tape up. You can now laminate your board with clear fiberglass. We always recommend glassing the foam stain side first. This protects your color work for the duration of the project.

Foam stains are that easy and super fun. In this illustration we used epoxy resin on a polyurethane (pu) foam blank. Polyurethane foam and polyester resin is the preferred combination for resin foam stains. Polyester resin gets significantly better color separation and polyurethane foam is generally a little less porous than eps foam. Remember you can always laminate with epoxy resin, no matter what type of blank or resin you used to stain the foam.