Photos by Johnathan Anderson 

What was your introduction to shaping?

I had a curiosity of what it’s like being a shaper and being in the room. Cole Simler (Cole Surfboards) mentored me on my first shape. I happened to go in one day and saw a blank that caught my eye. The finish shape is a 4’9 x 19 x 2.5 thick, tri-fin asymmetrical, that is built for goofy footers. Ruben helped me with do some of the resin color on it too. It was super fun.

Describe your first wave like on your first self shape surfboard.

If feels really good to be in the moment riding your own board, just super fun. I remember my first wave on my own shape, I did a carve and then finished with a little layback snap. I was super stoked on how it worked. I think because it was my own board it probably felt a hundred times better than it actually was.

How has shaping influenced your relationship with surfing?

Shaping has influenced me a lot because seeing people who shape boards I have a lot more respect for them now. It’s a lot of time and hard work so I just really have a lot of respect for the craft.

Who are some of your surfing inspirations right now?

I really like Ryan Burch’s surfing and I like Derrick Disney riding little fishes and asymms. Donald Brink has a lot of really cool asymmetrical boards I’ve been looking at.

Describe the Self Shape contest for someone who wasn’t there?

The contest was super fun. The waves were super fun. It was like a big family down there and everyone was on their own boards and they were all ripping on them so I had a blast.

How did it feel to win the Self Shape Surf Contest.

It felt amazing to win the first ever Self Shape Surf Contest on the first board I’ve ever shaped.

Do you have any words of wisdom for someone who is interested in getting into shaping?

I would just tell them to go out there and shape a board as early as they can because it’s the funnest thing you can do. And once you ride something you’ve shaped, it’s really like nothing can relate to it.