Crazy things are happening over here, and we couldn't be happier. This little business of ours is being shaped just like the surfboards that come out of it, and we're stoked for the new chapter in the story of our shaping club. 

So we have some big news and we want to share the excitement. Today we are launching under a new name, Shaper Studios Vancouver. Here's the story: When we first started Learning Curves out of the Mistakes Garage, we were really inspired by these guys, Shaper Studios, out of San Diego. Nate stopped by their shop while on a surf trip, had lunch with the dudes that started it, told them about our grassroots shaping garage up North, and they were stoked. Nate also wrote a blog about his visit there. They followed our progression, we followed their self-shape surf contests and other cool happenings, and recently we started chatting about a partnership.  Shapers, surfers... we're all part of the same tribe, so why not work together. We'll be stronger together than apart. 

We couldn't have done any of this without the support from our local surf community, our friends, family, the Kickstarter campaign. All of this helped us grow and get to where we are, and we're stoked for what's next. There will be some small changes, such as our website & Instagram in the coming days, but it's still the same dudes behind it. Our doors are always open, so swing by for a beer and surf chat anytime. We'll never forget the Mistakes Garage where it all started... but it's on to the next shape!