Life is a learning curve. You try things, you make mistakes, and you get better at stuff. You learn. Like dating that girl that dumped you once a month for 2 years, and you stuck around. Huge mistake. Lesson learned. Or drinking so much that you shit your pants at a work party. Devastating error. But then you did it again a year later! Whoops. Some lessons are harder to learn than others. But you eventually come around.

Making mistakes sucks, and you'll want to kick yourself in the nuts for being so dumb. But remember that these moments of stupidity are crucial to succeeding at life. You gotta know what sucks to know what's good. 

Take making surfboards for example. Nate and I made lots of errors learning how to shape & glass, and a few hilarious creations came out of the aptly named "Mistakes Garage". But we still loved those self-shaped logs more than any board money can buy, and we were stoked to flaunt them down the beach. Because we made them ourselves and we were proud of them.

Some of our friends saw the self-made stoke we were carrying around under our arms, and they wanted in. So we showed them what we knew. We were still learning how this whole thing worked, and as a group we started discovering better techniques, new improvements, and the boards kept getting better. And so Learning Curves was born. 



Now almost 2 years and 50 boards later, we just moved out of the Mistakes Garage and into a bigger space, with a growing crew of new shapers & new friends that we just love hanging out with. The shaping bay doubles as a clubhouse, where a bunch of city-locked surfers can gather to talk surf, drink beer, and somewhat satisfy the surf craving by making boards. And the boards coming out of there are nothing short of amazing. Mistakes made. Lessons learned.


So that's our story so far. More mistakes will be made and life's learning curve will always continue.. But as long as we can surf, the shaping club is around, and we have a place to share the stoke with friends, then who cares about a few mistakes? Come by and hang out sometime. But bring some beer.