We did it! Our Kickstarter campaign closed over the weekend, and thanks to massive support from friends, family, and strangers - we smashed our 3K goal and raised $5105 to help upgrade our shaping studio. We couldn't be more stoked. THANK YOU !! 

Thanks to all your help, we moved out of "The Mistakes Garage", and into a new, bigger, brighter, warmer location, and have been working hard with the move and all the improvements. The new space is just straight up rad. A blue room for shaping, 2 glassing racks, new tools, loads of blanks, resin, & glass, and.. coming soon... a members lounge with beer on tap. Wait, what? Yep.. it's true.  These are just a few of the new upgrades, and more to be expected in the next month, so stay tuned. Here are some sweet photos of the new digs, taken by our friend Ally Pintucci

An industry standard - the blue walls & neon lights provide great contrast against the white foam, allowing shapers to see contours & shadows just right.

The new glassing area allows 2 members to get their glass on together. All about teamwork.

Another angle of the new glassing room. All those fresh blanks are just waiting to be sliced into. 

4oz & 6oz rolls of fiberglass. You choose. Members also have the option of glassing their face onto their boards.

Let's be real - nobody drinks Coke. But that fridge keeps our beer growlers ice cold. 

A few ladies have been joining the club and showing the dudes how it's done. Here's Marie doing some final sanding on her 2nd board.

This one was taken by our pal Adam Chilton and it brings back great memories. We'll never forget The Mistakes Garage, where it all started and where this little shaping club of ours was born. But we're excited about the move on up and the amazing support that we're receiving. So thanks again, and come by the new studio for a visit. First beer's on us. Second beer's on us too.