Chris shaped three things this summer. Two of them were boards in our shop. We found Chris, or Chris found us, while walking through the alley one day. By chance we were glassing or sanding or standing around pretending to work. He was cold and wet so we took him in and he was hooked.

We got his first blank and it was off to the races. Through his first board (left) we held his hand like a child crossing the street. A few burbs and hiccups here and there but we got through them. Nearing completion, Chris said 'Hey I might take a break next month. I'm having a baby!' Amazing. We didn't know he was preggers. But he still asked for another blank.

We squared him with another and before we realized he whipped up a beautiful squash tail in no time (middle). Our little Chris is growing up. 

4 days later we get a text: 'Im a dad! I think I'm gonna take a break next month.' says Chris. Nope, he still comes in once a week and shapes.

What is the lesson here? 

Everyone has a little shaper in them. And there is no substitute for putting your time in at the shop. We're happy to give birth to Chris' recent tear in shaping. We've (hopefully) created a monster. Now he's a shaper dad. Congrats pal.