We took the good vibes from the beach back to Shaper Studios North Park for the Self Shape Surf Contest after party and awards presentation presented by D'Blanc eyewear and Saint Archer Brewing. The finalists from all five divisions were recognized and the winner was presented with the coveted Golden Planer Trophy. Friends, family, and competitors enjoyed tacos and live music from the new Shaper Studios patio. Here are the results.


Juniors Finalists

Cole Houshmand WINNER

Trey Lockhart

Garrett Cleary

Austin Baird

Ian Briski

Spencer Harmon


Women's Finalists

Kelly Sloan WINNER

Kim Kirch

Heather Hargas

Monica Thatcher

Florencia Gomez

Mia Bolton


Men's Alternative Finalists

John Wesley WINNER

Derrick Disney

Ryan Miller

Bobby Lockhart

Donald Brink

Garrett Cleary


Men's Shortboard Finalists

Lukas Dirkse WINNER

Chris Cote

John McKusick

Corban Campbell

Graham Miller

Harry Robbs


Men's Longboard Finalists

Eric Hoaglund III WINNER

John Wesley

Nicholas Borrelli

Austin Michalak

Ravean Kretowicz