We always recommend doing the full glassing lesson if you are new to glassing or need a refresher course. This is one-on-one glassing with one of our friendly instructors for only $600. The 10 hour private glassing lesson is broken up into multiple sessions based on your availability and must be completed in 14 days (two weeks). If the lesson goes beyond two weeks then a storage fee of $10/day will be added to your account. The glassing lesson price is for any size surfboard or SUP. *GLASSING MATERIALS NOT INCLUDED. **Does not include sanding lessons, however, you may observe the sanding session or purchase that in addition (pricing below).


One-on-one glassing lesson with one of our friendly glassing instructors. You will learn how to glass your own surfboard from start to finish.Choose one step of the glassing process that you would like to learn.

  • Fin Placement & Installation
  • Lamination Top & Bottom
  • Colorwork (Resin Tint/Opaque, Resin Swirl)
  • Cut Lapping
  • Pin Linning
  • Hot Coat Top & Bottom
  • Finbox Installation
  • Leash Plug, Leash Loop, or Pass Through
  • Glass On Fins
  • Sanding (Sanded Finish)
  • Sealer Coat
  • Gloss Coating
  • Polish Sanding (Glossy Finish)
  • Subscribe