Q: Do I have to be a member to take a lesson or shape at Shaper Studios?


Q: How much would you say a board costs after all is said and done?

A good way to estimate the cost of the surfboard plus shaping lessons is somewhere around $100/foot. However, many surfers who already know how to shape make their boards at Shaper Studios for a great deal less than that price.

Q: How do I purchase a gift card for someone?

A gift cards to Shaper Studios is priceless and easy to purchase through our online store. Gift cards are digital and non-refundable.

Q: What is your return policy?

All retail items can be returned within 30 days if product is unused and in original packaging. There are no returns on gift cards, lessons, classes, or foam blanks.

Q: I’m worried that I’ll spend time and money trying to shape my own board and end up with something less than stellar.

No worries. We highly recommend taking a lesson with one of our pro shapers. Never had an unhappy surfer. For more details on lessons click here.

Q: What if I just want to design the board and have a pro shape it for me?

Yes. The best part about Shaper Studios is that you get to choose how hands on you would like to be. It’s our job to put your dream board under your feet. The best way to estimate cost for a custom surfboard, without the do-it-yourself shaping lesson, is still $100.00 per foot.

Q: Do I need to bring my own blank to a lesson?

No. We have everything you need for the lesson. We have blanks, tools, shaping bays, etc. For more details on lessons click here.

Q: Can I get my board glassed at Shaper Studios?

Yes, of course. Our turn around time on glassing is three weeks unless you order custom artwork, color work, gloss & polish, or anything beyond a clear lamination. All dark colored boards are subject to a double hot-coat ($20.00) of resin at the laminators discretion.

Q: Do you provide rush glassing?

We do provide Rush Glassing for $100.00 extra (one week turnaround). The same quality glass work, we just pay our production team overtime to stay after hours and work on your board.

Q: Do you give glassing lessons at Shaper Studios?

Yes. We just launched Glassing Lessons in 2013. Please also check our Events Calendar of monthly workshops on shaping and glassing.

Q: May I watch my board get glassed at Shaper Studios?

No. In order for our glassing team to work efficiently we cannot accommodate glassing observations. If you’d like to be involved in the glassing of your board please see Glassing Lessons.

Q: Do you ship surfboards to customers?

Yes. Many surfers travel far to shape at Shaper Studios. We will package and ship the board to your home. We require all surfboards being shipped to purchase a day bag for added protection. Please allow a minimum of two weeks extra for shipping. Shipping costs do very and full amount of shipping & handling must be paid prior to shipping.

Q: Can I have my own logo on my board?

Yes. We encourage all surfers to personalize their board with custom logo. Option 1 – We sell sheets of $2 sheets of oriental rice paper (8″ x 10″) that you can feed through your home ink-jet printer. Option 2- Send your digital logo file or graphic to BOARDLAMS.COM and they will ship directly to Shaper Studios.

Q: May I put multiple logos on my board?

Yes. Additional logos (8″ x 8″) are $20.00 each. Oversized logos or graphics are $45.00 each.

Q: Can I do my own artwork on the board?

Yes. The Art Studio is available for $25.00/hr. You may reserve a time by calling or emailing us. You must bring all of our own pens, paints, and brushes. No airbrush equipment allowed.